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Our Story

S.H.E Blinks is made for my AB babies and Red Head / Blondes who aren’t really represented within the makeup industry. Growing up with Albinism, very fair skin, & little to no pigment in my hair, skin, eyebrow’s, and lashes made finding makeup very hard for me. As I grew older & more into my makeup, I decided it’s time to pave the way for my fair skinned lovely’s, representation is very important and I wish I had something like this growing up. The wait is no longer. I present to you S.H.E Blinks, 


~ Enjoy Doll’s ~

Heavenly Winks Story

As we know mink lashes & mascara are the IT factor of the finished product makeup look. But they also look great on a natural face, no makeup, with some lip-gloss. I’ve never been able to enjoy the mink lash or mascara crave because ALL lashes/mascara are either black /dark brown & have never been available in blonde or any lighter shade. For my beauties who can relate the wait is no longer, I present to you Heavenly Winks, 


~ Enjoy Dolls ~

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